A Powerwashing Service Company

A Powerwashing Service Company

Website redesign and Google Adwords Setup

This website was a revision of an existing website which majorly needed a makeover. The site had been built less than a year before and the client was paying for google advertising but not getting any results from their google advertising budget. After an evaluation we determined the website and the Google Adwords Account (Googles paid advertising program) needed to be completely redesigned for use as good marketing tool in order to make their advertising effective.

With a website redesign and optimization, Some SEO work and A complete revision of the clients google adwords account the client immediately started getting phone calls and emails. We began advertising only inside of the Geographic radius that the client wished to work inside of. We changed over all of the ads, the keywords, budgets, and optimized every setting properly. We saw amazing improvements inside the first month. The click through rate doubled and the cost per click went down 20%, but most importantly In the first month since changing the google advertising setup the client received more new contacts than they had since they started google’s paid advertising program. Tri-State scheduled several jobs for their powerwashing service all inside of month number 1 of our changes!!! Needless to say the client was extremely happy with our results and we will be managing their advertising moving forward

How We Achieved this Success:

Our success in improving the clients marketing efforts were from 2 changes:

1) We Completely optimized the client’s Google Adwords (paid advertising program) to focus in on the searches which are really looking for their services.
2) We built a great user friendly website setup with marketing in mind which will convert the visitors from a google search into a phone call or an email contact.

This Success is a testament to the power of having google adwords setup properly and having a nice place for your leads to land.

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May 24, 2018